Atlas Spa, LLC
Our mission at 1SmartSpa was to develop and deliver a spa that would be eco-friendly, provide excellence in hydrotherapy yet have low maintenance and operational costs. In addition to these goals, we wanted a product that was built to last and be sustainable in the hottest and coldest climates around the world.
Our uni-body shell construction and our unique attached hard cover lid, traps the heat from the pump creating low energy costs. The rigid, dimpled spa bottom is innovative and allows placement on any surface. Our removable side panels provides the easiest access -in the industry- to the plumbing equipment. In addition to those advancements, we have engineered a product that gives you sparkling clean water while esthetically blending into your landscaping. When we combine these features and top it with an extraordinary warranty and a commitment to customer service, it makes us both proud and excited to present to you 1SmartSpa.